Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jennifer Lopez - Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez Ben AffleckJennifer Lopez's relationship w/ actor Ben Affleck was highly publicized, w/ the media dubbing the couple "Bennifer". Lopez announced J.Lo' engagement to Affleck in November 2002, after Affleck gave her a six-carat pink diamond ring worth a reported $1.2 million.

Jennifer Lopez promised interviewers that Affleck was indeed "the one", and that they would soon have a family. The marriage, planned for September 14, 2003 in Santa Barbara, California, was called off just hours before the event. During the week before the scheduled nuptials, Affleck had been seen by press carousing at a strip club in Vancouver with friends.

The media blitz intensified when it was Jennifer Lopez's own sister who called in live radio to tell J.Lo where her fiance had been the previous night. J.Lo would only respond by saying it was a terrible way to begin the day, finding out about Affleck's behavior in that manner.

Publicists announced a permanent split on January 20, 2004. Ben Affleck has refused to speak of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, only citing intense media attention as the cause of the break-up. Both of them relationship was parodied on the South Park episode "Fat Butt and Pancake Head", which aired on April 16, 2003. There was a mild media furor as to whether Lopez would give Affleck back his ring after the break-up.

Jennifer Lopez did return it and it was discreetly placed for sale at the original jewelers. Ben Affleck has since married actress Jennifer Garner on July 1, 2005 and they have a daughter, Violet, born on December 1, 2005. In 2003 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck acted together in the film "Gigli" and in the 2004 film "Jersey Girl".

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