Thursday, July 16, 2009

Demi Lovato - Looks ugly with dark hair, the tan..

Demi Lovato in black hat jemis try
blackandwhitestripes blackand...

Who thinks Demi Lovato looks ugly with dark hair,the tan, and how she puts on her make up now?

I think Demi Lovato looked prettier before. Now she's all ugly and looks fake!

~Judy~ by ~Judy~
agreed!!!!!!! ;)
YES!!! Demi Lovato is UGLEE:)
  • yoyo by yoyo
    I think Demi Lovato looks nice and i love the way she dresses . I say the dark hair suits her . the brown was kiddish. i dont like the ark in her eyebrows though but Demi Lovato still looks nice.
    meh : )
  • *Hollywood* by *Hollywo...
    Sounds like your hater I think Demi Lovato is pretty why do you care why waste 5 points asking if someone is ugly.
  • S. 3 by S. 3
    yeah, kinda.
    Demi Lovato 's still pretty, but I wish Demi Lovato would look a little more..natural?
    like without the tan, and yeah..
  • ♥Tabulous♥ by ♥Tabulou...
    Demi Lovato looks like a MAN now LOL.
  • KillahCrayon(: by KillahCr...
    Yeah, I agree, but I don't see Demi Lovato thaaat tan. Her eyebrows are gorgeous :] hahah
  • ♥M.J.'s girl♥ by ♥M.J.'s girl♥
    when i first saw Demi Lovato with that tan i thought Demi Lovato was dirty lol
  • Amanda J by Amanda J
    very true

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