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Jennifer Lopez Feelin' So Good (DVD) Track Listing

Jennifer Lopez Feelin' So Good (DVD).

Feelin' So Good is the first DVD by Jennifer Lopez (American singer). Feelin' So Good released in November 2000.

Track listing

  1. Program Start
  2. Why Risk a Music Career?
  3. Press Tours/Promotions
  4. "If You Had My Love" (1999 VH1 Fashion Awards)
  5. Beginning of the Year
  6. Introduction to "If You Had My Love" Video
  7. "If You Had My Love"
  8. Introduction to "No Me Ames" Video
  9. Madison Square Garden with Marc Anthony
  10. "No Me Ames"
  11. First Number One Single
  12. Record Release Week
  13. Introduction to "Let's Get Loud"
  14. "Let's Get Loud" (1999 Women's World Cup Performance)
  15. Jennifer's Energy
  16. "Waiting for Tonight" (1999 Billboard Music Awards Performance)
  17. Introduction to "Waiting for Tonight" Video
  18. Introduction to "Waiting for Tonight" Remix Video
  19. "Waiting for Tonight" (Megamix Video)
  20. Jennifer's Mom
  21. Fan Support
  22. Working on Record
  23. Tina Landon
  24. "If You Had My Love" (1999 Blockbuster Awards Performance)
  25. Jennifer Goofing Around
  26. "Baila"
  27. Film Energy vs. Music Energy
  28. Introduction to "Feelin' So Good"
  29. "Feelin' So Good" (featuring Big Pun and Fat Joe)
  30. End Credits

Bonus features

  1. "If You Had My Love" - Music Video
  2. "If You Had My Love" (Darkchild Remix) - Music Video
  3. "No Me Ames" - Music Video
  4. "Waiting for Tonight" - Music Video
  5. "Waiting for Tonight" (Spanish Version "Una Noche Mas") - Music Video
  6. "Waiting for Tonight" (Hex Hector Remix) - Music Video
  7. "Waiting for Tonight" (Megamix) - Music Video
  8. "Feelin' So Good" - Music Video
  9. "Baila" - Music Video
  10. On the 6 - EPK
  11. Interactive Biography
  12. Photogallery
  13. Behind the Scenes (Photoshoots)

source: wikipedia

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