Friday, May 21, 2010

Spoke about her "The Back-Up Plan" and new family life

Jennifer Lopez 's 'Back-Up Plan'
Jennifer Lopez no 1 Maggie Rodriguez spoke with actress Jennifer Lopez about her new film "The Back-Up Plan" and her new family life.

What a lovely movie..J.Lo was amazing in it..funny and touching..Goo Jenn!!

Ha ha ha the movie FLOPPED of course! All she does is talk about herself and she got dropped from her label. Ha ha ha ha overrated .

She is very good mom and that new film is new live and new story for us. I love she, her songs. Good luck J Lo!!! Be happy.

This movie is really cute and lighthearted.

jajaja I dont understand if people cant stand JLo wat the hell they are doin watching her videos!?!?!??!?!?! N SHE IS AN AMAZIN ACTRESS DUHHHHH thats y they ask for her


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