Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LeAnn Rimes insists she's healthy

LeAnn Rimes insists she's healthy
LeAnn Rimes insists she's healthy. LeAnn Rimes insists she is not too thin. Rimes responded to a Twitter follower who thought she looked "scary skinny" in a bikini. LeAnn Rimes, who recently wed her second husband, Eddie Cibrian, tweeted photos from her honeymoon in Mexico. One of her fans, however, pointed out in the photos that her bikini body looked a little frail. She was told she looked "scary skinny" because of her “protruding hipbones.”
According to Us Weekly, Rimes, who has been subject to weight concerns, tweeted back, "Those are called abs, not bones, love," she wrote, adding, "This is my body, and I can promise you I'm a healthy girl. I'm just lean. Thanks for your concern, but no need to be."
Rimes has tirelessly defended her weight loss. Back in March, she defended her weight and addressed criticism by writing on Twitter, “Maybe it’s time for a nude pic so peeps can see how I look nowhere near what these stupid pics are trying to make me look like, LOL.”

Rimes continued, “I don’t care about the dumb articles. I know how healthy I am. Maybe those people should start taking care of themselves…inside and out.”

She later added, “It’s sad how mean people in this world can be for no good reason.”


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