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Anger Control If Not Want Shortness of Breath and Tingling

Anger Control If Not Want Shortness of Breath and Tingling

Screaming with bulging eyes do not necessarily indicate a person is really angry, because they sometimes can be made up. But if until shortness of breath and tingling, can be sure his emotions completely out of control.

We're very angry, a person may have a short breathing very fast or often termed a 'breath of hunting'. The direct impact that often accompanies this condition is shortness of breath for which the lungs are not strong enough.

Condition called hyperventilation syndrome (Hyperventilation Syndrome) is often mistaken for asthma, and not infrequently wrong doctor diagnose. And because it was triggered by psychological factors, this condition is almost never accompanied by damage to lung tissue and respiratory system.

Although not life-threatening illness as a real lung, hyperventilation syndrome can still lead to disruption if not addressed. One of the indirect impacts are caused numbness and tingling in some parts of the body.

Fast, shallow breaths and ongoing exchange of oxygen caused by carbon dioxide occurs very fast. Circulatory system is not able to keep up and become involved in the composition of biochemical imbalances in the blood.

Protein levels in the blood increases, on the one hand calcium levels dropped dramatically. One result of the lack of calcium in the blood is tingling and numbness, especially on the fingers of the feet and hands as well as some areas around the mouth.

Meanwhile, to handle it, some way could be done as quoted from Bangkokpost, Saturday (06/04/2011).

Do not panic, because in general symptoms of shortness of breath and tingling not life threatening. Try to curb your emotions and try to breathe slowly with more relaxed.
If it is difficult to catch his breath, grab a paper bag and breathe in it for a while. Make sure your mouth and nose closed to restrict the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
It is better to tell someone else, that this disorder is not asthma, and only appears when not able to control emotions. This step is useful to avoid panic in the people in the neighborhood.
Learn to control your emotions and manage stress, try to always face the problem with more relaxed.
Regular exercise can reduce the risk of hyperventilation syndrome, because the lungs are trained will be better able to tolerate a variety of changing conditions on the respiratory system.
When all of the above does not work, contact the psychologist to consult or go to a psychiatrist to get a stress reliever medication.

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