Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Becker mistakes Noel Fielding for woman

Becker mistakes Noel Fielding for woman

As Blur famously sang in the mid-90s... "girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls, who do boys like they're girls, who do girls like they're boys". Basically meaning that androgyny is cool, and there's nothing wrong with accentuating your feminine features.

Marc Bolan knew it, David Bowie knew it, and hipsteNoel Fieldingcertainly knows it. But it seems that nobody gave three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Beckerthe memo when he was commentating for today's game between Rafael Nadal and Michael Russell at the All England Club.

"The man in the middle... that's not a girl, right? That's a man?" Becker asked, when Noel popped up on screen.

Noel's reply? "He said I looked like a girl! Unbelievable! No, I love Boris, I've got a lot of respect for him. I mean, I wouldn't get in a cupboard with him, but I do like him a lot," the Mighty Boosh man quipped to the BBC.

"I'd like to challenge Boris to a swingball match. Boris - my garden, me and you, man-to-man... well, man-to-girl."

Watch Noel Fielding being interviewed at Wimbledon below:

Source: Digital Spy

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