Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blood Sweat disease strikes Dora

Blood Sweat disease strikes Dora

Blood Sweat called hematidrosis (sweat blood) which in certain conditions can be caused by another disease or high blood pressure. This condition also experienced Indrayanti Trimurni Dora (25), a student living in the Valley.

Blood sweat is a rare disease. This condition is one of extreme side effects of fight or flight response that occurs when a person experiences stress anxiety or fear that very deep.

Anxiety and fear are so strong can cause tiny blood vessels that supply the sweat glands become tighter and smaller, so that when blood vessels dilate bleeding will occur.

In addition there is also another theory that says that the extreme anxiety or fear experienced by a person causes the release of a chemical that can be
break the capillaries in the sweat glands. As a result there is a small amount of bleeding so that the sweat that comes out along with blood.

Effects that occur in the body associated with this hematidrosis include weakness, mild to moderate dehydration and high anxiety makes a person sweat to sweat blood.

It happened at Dora who experience this rare medical problem in which fresh blood out of the pores of the scalp and ears. When dijenguk M Djamil Hospital in Padang, the young girl was still smiling despite a week of intensive care, because disease suffered unique. Fresh blood is often out of the pores of the head and ears when he thinks too much.

"So come on let him rest first. As seen, the current condition is far better than when treated in ICU 2 X 24 hours yesterday," said Head of Public Relations M Djamil hospital in Padang, Gustavianof, told AFP during a visit to the infirmary in a disease RS M Djamil, on Wednesday (01/06/2011).

Dora, VI semester students of the Faculty of Law, University of Bung Hatta (UBH) Padang, since last few days was the opinion widespread attention. In addition to suffering from a disease that is considered strange, beautiful woman with cropped hair gain sympathy because it also had a remarkable life story.

According Gustavianof, Dora has actually experienced this condition since the last two years. Disease is rare and has not been established until now.

The blood will be poured like sweat from the pores of the head when she was thinking too hard. In fact, not rare blood out of the ear, nose, and mouth.

"Early diagnosis showed patients experienced a situation where easy bleeding. These conditions, due to abnormalities of blood vessels, the content of platelets in the blood, and blood clotting. Patients with bleeding in the mouth, ears, and nose is common. But bleeding that occurs in the pore head-pore as experienced countless rare Dora, "he explained.

According Gustavianof, it has made some efforts to test to know for certain diseases suffered by Dora. The team also had to deal with doctors who perform computer radiography scanner (CT scan) in the patient's head but found no abnormalities.

"Monday or Tuesday next we will take blood samples directly to Jakarta for questioning in one laboratory. We will take patients to the airport by ambulance and took blood samples so the plane would depart. It had to be done due to necessary examination of fresh blood taken four hours before entering the lab, "explained Gustavianof.

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