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Byron Bay Australia

Byron Bay Australia

You can conclude the eastern Australian city as a cultural blend of surf, alternative philosophies and hedonistic luxury.
Or you can explain the wonder of it through pictures: humpback whales that swam across the cape, rainbow in the mountains across the bay and hang gliding across the lighthouses along the coast. Heaven new era we are known for extensive selancarnya beach, lighthouse a distinctive, dense rain forest and the combination of various tribes. It's a good place to try yoga on the beach at sunrise, massage and mud baths in remote rural cottage and enjoy some of the most delicious regional cuisine in Australia.

Five ways witnessed the wonders of Byron

Byron Bay Australia1. With sand in your toes

Waves that rumble has long attracted the interest of surfers to come to the beach Wategos and Main Beach. Now the visitors come to the beach Byron for meditation, enjoy massages, paragliding, walking and swimming in a protected area along the rolling waves. Kayaking with the dolphins from the beach Main Beach or snorkel or dive at Julian Rocks Marine Park. Watch the famous surfing waves of The Pass or ride horses and fishing on the beach at Seven Mile Beach, near Lennox Head. Walking tour along the peninsula in the Cape Byron Walking Track and watch the sun rise first in Australia to make the Cape Byron lighthouse pink.

Byron Bay Australia2. With delicious food

Buy exotic fruits in the Byron Bay Community Markets are well known and are held once a month, in which a magician, mime artists and musicians add to the hustle of the market. Or stop at roadside stalls to enjoy coffee, avocado and macadamia. At the Taste of Byron festival held in September, you can enjoy food and drink coffee at famous restaurants and the best barista in Byron. Enjoy everything from a delicious breakfast in the morning to fresh juice and gelato ice cream in the cafes thriving in Byron. Or enjoy organic food that is cooked with so thoroughly in famous restaurants and luxury lodging house. To truly enjoy a relaxed lifestyle Byron, enjoy a leisurely lunch with local seafood.

Byron Bay Australia3. With pounding heart

Fly like a bird on top of Cape Byron Lighthouse and Beach Wategos beach hang gliding ride trailer. Or follow the tour of the exciting kite flying to Mount Warning. Hovering over the coast and inland subtropical hot air balloon ride or a free fall in the countryside with parachuting. Learning to surf at Main Beach or ride a double axle vehicle crossing berpelangi waterfalls and rain forests in the interior of Byron. Slid from a high flying trapeze at Circus Arts Byron's Trapeeze School and riding in the hills of Bangalow.

Byron Bay Australia4. With the natural scenery around us

Cape Byron Walking Track along, and be one of the first in Australia to watch the sunrise. Then explore the lush rain forest, rare coastal plants and blustery cliffs at Cape Byron Headland Reserve. See humpback whales migrate along the coast from May to November and see turtles, stingrays, dolphins and sharks are docile in clear water. Walking to the edge of an ancient volcano and see the sights Gondwanan forests and agricultural land in the Mount Warning National Park. Nightcap National Park, you can walk to the bottom of the waterfall Minyon Falls and see the animals in the night travel cross-forest undergrowth in the evening. The beauty of nature seen in wherever you are in Byron.

Byron Bay Australia5. With profound happiness that soothe

Refresh the body, mind and soul in Byron Bay, the central region of the famous rainbow with alternative healing practices. Find peace of soul in the place of meditation or lying on the beach remote unspoiled. Relax with yoga, pilates, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, massage, reiki and day spa treatments in one of the secluded cottage surrounded by rain forest in Byron. If you wish to obtain spiritual guidance, get the magical divination, astrology or tarot, or sit with the teachers who visit there. All this is part of the amazing experiences in Byron.

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