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Fraser Island Australia

Fraser Island Australia

Welcome to Fraser Island as a World Heritage listed as the world's largest sand island.
Double axle car driving near the colored sand cliffs at The cathedrals or get on a plane with a stunning flight over the coast of Seventy-Five Mile Beach. Walking through the forest through the rain forest shrub that grows from the sand and bushes are full of wild flowers and swimming in the lake with the water shimmering gold coil. Visit Lake McKenzie, picnicking while watching the turtles at Lake Allom and see whales from the Indian Head. Discover the historic shipwreck Maheno in Happy Valley and see kangaroos, wallabies and possums on the way across the scrub forest into the countryside. Learn how the island is formed and about Aboriginal history and its beginnings are amazing. Easy to guess why the Aboriginal community called Fraser Island as 'K'gari' or heaven.

Five ways to have fun on Fraser Island

Fraser Island Australia1. With double-axle vehicle or plane

Since you entered the sandy road at Seventy-Five Mile Beach, this island can only be passed by a double axle vehicle. Browse one of the hundreds of sand road that connects the lakes, rain forests and other natural tourist destination. Driving toward a large sand dunes and sand cliffs, colorful high in the cathedrals. Or stop to float in Eli Creek flowing into the sea. Walking the plank bridge near Wanggoolba Creek, the water clearly crossed the lonely rain forest in Central Station, once a city forest. Taking a break to know the history of shipwrecks Maheno and colorful sand at The Pinnacles. Or enjoy a bath with tidal sea water is clear and bubbly at the Champagne Pools. To watch the scenery from the air, get on a plane and enjoy the view over Cathedral Beach, Happy Valley and Orchid Beach.

Fraser Island Australia2. With a rare and stunning natural

Visit the Pile Valley and see the river a quiet, tree height, natural ferns and trees and brush box satinay towering. Walking through an ancient rain forest filled with sand dunes at the Central Station. See Rainbow Gorge with colored sand formations, as well as cathedrals and colorful Pinnacles are located on the north side Maheno shipwreck. Explore more than 100 freshwater lakes, which partly brown and partly clear and watery blue. Follow McKenzie Lake Circuit Walk throughout the day to Lake McKenzie, one of 40 crystal-clear water lake which covers half the area of ​​all the lake water clearly in the world. Swimming in the blue waters or sitting on a clean white silica sand. Walking into the deepest lake in this island, namely Lake Wabby, surrounded by huge sand dunes and Lake Allom beautiful little where freshwater turtles lay in a wooded shore. Visit Bowarrady Lake, located 120 meters above sea level, and Lake Boemingen, renowned as the largest perched lake in the world. Fraser Island, you'll find nature that offers a different show every season - spring wildflowers, summer weather is bright, colorful autumn and winter wilderness.

Fraser Island Australia3. Sleeping under the stars or in the luxury lodging

Overnight at eco-friendly resort where you can enjoy massages, cocktails and cuisine restaurants. Or enjoy the privacy of the home by the beach surrounded by bush and wildlife. Here are also available hotels and furnished villas with views of the countryside and the sea. To be truly integrated with nature, install tents on site at the Central Station, Lake Boomanjin, Lake McKenzie, Dundubara, Waddy Point, Wathumba, Dilli Village or Cathedral Beach. Or search the place deserted sandy on the east coast.

Fraser Island Australia4. Watching wildlife

See birds of prey and stingray spines in a canoeing trip and some of 354 species of birds in this archipelago in the course of a guided ranger. The island is a habitat for land birds parrots are rarely seen, powerful owl and about 18 birds of prey. Sailing close to dugongs, turtles, dolphins and sharks or watch the wildlife is on the way down the coast and Indian Head. Wait for the occurrence of humpback whales that migrate from August to October. Find shrimp yabby and see a herd soldier crabs on the beach in a fishing trip along the guides. Exit at night and navigate your torchlight into bats, flying foxes, sugar gliders and frogs. Watch closely kangaroos, wallabies, possums, flying foxes, and dogs-beaked native Australian Dingo race on the island.

Fraser Island Australia5. Close look at the history of Aboriginal and European

You can read the evolution that has lasted 700,000 years in the wild flowers and climate change that has occurred over the centuries the giant sand dunes. See Aboriginal midden, fish traps, scarred trees and camp sites are at least 5,000 years in a joint tour guides. Visit the Arch Cliffs colorful cliffs, where the first Aboriginal man playing a musical instrument didgeridoo for humpback whales that are migrating and Moon Point, which had become a sacred place of birth provided to Aboriginal women. Explore the shipwreck S.S. Maheno, which was made in 1905 and used as a luxury passenger ship trans-Tasman and floating hospitals during World War I, before it sank due to a tornado. Follow the history tour and learn the story of the Europeans on the island, Eliza Fraser, who with her husband Captain James Fraser when their ship, Stirling Castle, ran aground in 1836. Hear the story of her dramatic rescue effort, including the loss of her husband and her newborn baby and taken prisoner by the local Aborigines. Visit the McKenzie Pier is now abandoned, which was built as the entrance area of ​​land to the loggers and then used by the Z Force during World War II. From the time the sand formations and Aboriginal Dreamtime story of Eliza Fraser and the struggle to preserve the environment in recent years, Fraser Island is rich with history.

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