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Lee Ryan Richard Branson Kensington Roof Gardens

Lee Ryan Richard Branson Kensington Roof Gardens
It was a club famously taken over by Richard Branson when he was refused entry once - and Blue star Lee Ryan has now fallen foul of the strict door policy at London's Kensington Roof Gardens.
Sir Richard had thrown a party last night to celebrate the nightspot's 30th anniversary - but Lee was thrown out when he tried to join in the fun.
According to eyewitnesses, the 27-year-old star arrived looking somewhat worse for wear and asked waiting photographers to lend him money to pay for his taxi. 

 Not a good night: Blue's Lee Ryan was seen arguing with door staff as he was asked to leave Sir Richard Branson's Kensington Roof Gardens birthday party last night

 Your name's not down: The fearsome-looking bouncers looked less than impressed as they were harangued outside by the Blue star

 Sling your hook: The bleary-eyed star was left fuming as he was forced to leave

 After a short time inside, it became clear that the Eurovision failure was somewhat over-refreshed and he was shown out by doorman - but not before Lee had given them a good piece of his mind.
Perhaps the Blue singer is still getting over the disappointment of not winning the Eurovision song contest last month.
The boyband came 11th with their song I Can. 

On top of that, Lee was dropped by his record label Geffen last year before he'd had time to finish his second solo album.
He also split up with girlfriend Samantha Miller, the mother of his two-year-old son Rayn, who he met on his MySpace fan site, at the end of last year.
He had been accused of assaulting her during a night out in London's West End, but she asked that the charges be dropped.

There has been no official word yet from Lee's representatives about last night's shenanigans.
Other more well-behaved guests at last night's bash meanwhile included Princess Beatrice, Alexandra Burke, Jimmy Carr and Sir Richard's son Sam and Isabella Calthorpe, who split up last year, but appear to be back together as they strolled in hand-in-hand.
The urban oasis in west London was launched 30 years ago when Sir Richard took over what was then Regines. 

 Thumbs up: Sir Richard Branson had a good night though - but then he does own the club...

The story goes that he queued in jeans and scruffy shoes but was turned away at the door because he didn't meet the strict dress code.
He went on to purchase the venue in 1981, relaunched the club as The Roof Gardens, and he hasn't been refused entry since.
Although the building and the incredible gardens on the sixth floor were first established in the 1930s, it wasn't until 1986 that The Roof Gardens was awarded Grade II Star listed status by English Heritage.

 Special guests: Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark were at the bash

 Sir Richard's son Sam and Isabella Calthorpe who appear to be back together having split last year

In 2001, an additional floor was added to the Roof Gardens to accommodate Babylon Restaurant which is also celebrating its 10th birthday in 2011.
There are three themed gardens - English Woodland, Tudor and Spanish - sprawling over 1.5 acres up in the air above Kensington High Street, including fully grown oaks and fruit trees, and a flowing stream stocked with fish and wildlife.
The gardens are famously home to four flamingos too - named Bill, Ben, Splosh and Pecks.  

 Urban oasis: Two of the Roof Garden's flamingos watch as the head gardener cleans one of the ponds

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