Sunday, August 21, 2011

Celebrity Big Brother's amy childs

Celebrity Big Brother's amy childs
Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lucien Laviscount has confessed that he is too "intimidated" by Amy Childs to have a romance with her.
The Waterloo Road actor was urged by Darryn Lyons and Paddy Doherty to "make some moves" on his female companions.
Lyons teased: "It's not as if you've got lots of competition.
"You've got Pinky and Percy (Jedward) to beat."
Lucien replied: "I'm a bit intimated by Amy to be honest.
"I don't know, I try and be nice and it comes across like I'm a..."
Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Doherty suggested that Laviscout "jump onto the next one" instead, in reference to Tara Reid.
However, the 19-year-old replied: "The next one's married."
The trio joked as Laviscount tried to unconvincingly insist that he would never become involved with a married women.
Doherty replied: "She was only married two weeks ago, and she's all over him.amy childs

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