Thursday, June 2, 2011

Murray Walker cat food

Murray Walker cat food

Murray Walker has revealed that he used to eat Kitekat when he worked as an advertising executive.

The former motorsports commentator told the Daily Express that he used to taste the cat food in front of sceptical clients to prove its quality.

Walker said: "I used to sell pet food and if they were suspicious about the quality and they queried it, we would open the can of Kitekat and eat it in front of them."

Before rising to fame as the voice of Formula One on the BBC and ITV, the 87-year-old managed accounts for clients including Dunlop and Vauxhall Motors.

Walker is often erroneously said to have created the slogan "a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play". However, he did pen the tagline "Trill makes budgies bounce with health" in the 1960s.

Source: Digital Spy

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